Blog Advertising - Advertise on blogs with SponsoredReviews.comMany bloggers said that Paid to review business is decrease. No job or grab bag task from Blogsvertise. Advertiser in SponsoredReviews don't care about our bid. I don't know too much, because I'm newbie in Paid to Review program. But, yesterday, 29 june 2009, I GOT THREE JOB FROM BLOGVERTISE. I have been waiting for a week since my pagerank update to 3. Finally, I get jobs yesterday. Surprised!!!

I love writing, therefore I think Paid to review will suitable for me. I was very happy when my blog's pagerank update, but the news that Paid To review decreased make me frustrate after. I ask google why it happen, and then I got possibility reason (in blogsvertise case only). Many Blogsvertise advertisers choose special blog category to review their website. They don't want their website is reviewed by blogs which has different category. General blog may not popular like before again.

With this possibility, I try to change my blog category from general to business. I ask administrator to help me and they didn't mind to do that. After my blog category changed, I got three job! totally $39 if all approved. I don't know if it happen again, but I hope so.

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Lamp is small thing but very important for our home. One day caused by extinction of electricity, no light in my house, the night be very frightening night. Lamp is really need for a house. Lamps also for part of artistic house. I usually wonder about big lamp in a castle or torchieres for my bedroom. It is very artistic, isn't it?

Other function of lamp is help us study. Good table lamp will help us reading writing and doing all home work. We also need to choose the best lamp to avoid eye disease, like farsighted and long dim.

Now we can buy all we needed by online, including various kind of lamp. In, we can find all of that. This site has so many kind of lamp. Desk lamp, floor lamp, torchieres, table lamp, reading lamp, piano lamp, and other. You can buy all with cheap (lowest) price. This site has good tool for searching product. You can search your favorite lamp by its brand, type, style, price, and its material. Don't worry about quantity and quality, their products is products from top manufactures.

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Nowadays, we can shop without crowded, hot weather, or accident with other shopaholic. You may ask and yell to me, "HOW CAN???". And I will answer that It can be now, with computer and internet connection. There is many online shop and you can find it by asking Mr Google, but I will tell you about good site for online shopping, has all you want, from babies and toddler, accessories, Clothes, until home and garden.

I like to buy women cloths or looking for women fashion trends. This site are good resource for women, not only for teenager, but also for business women. Its collection is designed by Dolce n Gabanna, Gucci, Marc Jacob, Luella, and other famous designer. So don't worry about the quality.

For someone who doesn't know how to get ideal cloth, you can check Figure-Flattering Clothes for Women first. This page give us some trick to suitcase cloth for our body. Sometime a beautiful women don't look beautiful when use wrong clothes. With simple trick, we can be more fabulous with our clothes.

Happy shopping!

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I sure you have heard about this three letter, PHP. If haven't I will tell you, This is dinamic web and we can put more code and do more thing for our web. Can you imagine? If can't I'll tell you the description from

PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) is a server side programming language with which you can build dynamic web applications. To explain, server side in my own words means that php scripts, php programming language needs a PHP server enginge to work, for the code to be interpreted and executed for the results to appear. is a site which can give us very complete php tutorial, but exactly free. You will find various tutorial category, first about beginner, then complete script, php n mysql, link, and other. This site give you A-Z tutorial about PHP.

check this site here

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Link is very important for site. If our site has outbound link more than inbound link, it can decrease Pagerank. Sometime we need linking to other website but this website doesn't need link anymore, like wikipedia, google, yahoo, facebook and other. I usually use rel="nofollow" for affiliate program and other source which related with my post. And exactly for sites which don't need link anymore. You will see that this small think can safe your link better. Rel="nofollow" tell google spider to not count that link as outbound link. So this won't give velue for the site we linked.

And how to insert rel="nofollow" to our link. You only do this simple thing.

The usual link :

<a href="">Not Important Diary</a>
<a href="" target="_blank">Not Important Diary</a>

Insert rel="nofollow" like this

<a href="" rel="nofollow">Not Important Diary</a>
<a href="" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">Not Important Diary</a>

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Blog Advertising - Advertise on blogs with SponsoredReviews.comPaid Review is popular making money online program. I have write about that, you can see here. This is list of Paid review broker. If you want to make money from this program, you can try these broker. Or, you may want to be advertiser, I think you can try these. There is many blogger who want to write about you.

#1. Weblogs, Inc.
#2. PayPerPost
#3. Blogsvertise
#4. Review Me
#5. Smorty
#6. SponsoredReviews
#7. Mashable
#8. Digital Journal
#9. BlogBurner
#10. Squidoo
#12. LoudLaunch
#13. Blogitive
#14. BloggerWave
#15. InBlogAds
#16. BlogToProfit
#17. Creative Weblogging
#18. WordFirm
#19. 451 Press
#20. DayTipper
#21. Helium
#22. Dewitts Media
#23. BOTW Media
#24. CreamAid
#25. BlogFeast
#26. PayU2Blog
#27. BuyBlogReviews

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I surprised when look at my pagerank banner (the most bottom widget). Google give me pagerank (3). I never thought that this new site can reach pagerank (3). My other blog, Kamus pengetahuan only reach pagerank (1) since it's launched whereas it has more visitors each day. My site Cerpen Kita, has less than 10 visitors each day and long time was not updated. But, it has google pagerank (2).Such a weird assessment. What the caused???

Google Pagerank still mysterious. Nobody exactly know how google rate the site and give google pagerank to that. There is some possibility, template, links to site, amount of page, frequently update (maybe), and I think of one more reason, "follower". Not only google follower, but also other follower, like follower from blogged, blogcatalog, networked blog, and mybloglog. I saw that popular site in this site directory has good pagerank.

I get other theory to increase pagerank, those things below are some thing you should do to get good pagerank.

* Update Pages Frequently 2/10
* Add Pages Frequently 4/10
* Good Neighborhood Directories with high PageRank Levels 7/10
* Monster Websites 7/10
* Quality Inbound links 8/10
* Quality Relevant Links 9/10
* No Broken Links 5/10
* Article Submissions (this can increase your PageRank by getting more inbound links)
* All these put together 10/10

And avoid those, because don't good for your pagerank.

* Inbound link from Poker, Porno, Sex, Drugs, etc
* Link spamming
* Bad content
* Broken link
* SEO Black Hat Techniques

I hope this information can help.

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Make Money writing If you enjoy writing, wouldn’t it be great to make extra money by writing for the web?

Well when you consider the size of the web, surely there are opportunities? Or do you need some special experience or skills to make good money? Maybe you have to be an experienced freelancer, journalist or author?

No, no and no! You can actually start making money from writing, quickly, easily and without experience. All you need is a Cash 4 Writing.

The internet offers an ocean of writing opportunities but you have to know exactly where to look to find the best ones. Cash 4 Writing will show you where to look and how to get work.

Let’s just go over a little of the potential here. The web runs on content. That content is mainly written and consists of various things like:

Site content. All sites have some kind of content on them. Some are filled with hundreds and in some cases thousands of pages. Some one has to write it. May as well be you! And remember there are an estimated 200 million sites on the web.

Blog posts. Blogs need regular posts and according to Technorati, on February 11, 2008 there were 185,620,000 blogs. But that figure rises by an estimated 175,000 new blogs every day! Many posts will be written by the blog owners, but there is a massive market for freelancers to write the rest.

Ebooks. There are a bewildering number of ebooks released every day online. These cover almost every subject you could imagine. Many online marketers have an idea for an ebook but farm out the actual writing to a freelancer. Lot’s of opportunity for you.

Sales pages. All the e books online, as well as all the other products, need sales pages writing. Although this is more specialized, there is a massive opportunity for you here. And it’s very well paid in comparison to many other kinds of writing.

Articles. The number of articles on the web would make your head spin. On just one site called Wikipedia, there are 10 million, a quarter of which are written in English. Across the whole of the internet, there must be billions of articles.

Many online marketers use articles as a marketing technique and they rely on freelancers to write them. It’s very easy to research the content for these.

I’ve only just scratched the surface here. There are many other freelance writing opportunities to be found online and covered in Cash 4 Writing. And the most lucrative writing assignments are the ones you do for yourself.

This is actually my favorite part of Cash 4 Writing. The opportunity to use writing to start your own online business from scratch. Many people approach writing online as a way to make money without the hassle of dealing with products and customers etc. This guide highlights certain ways to get all the benefits of selling your own products without actually doing so.

You can have the best of both worlds and earn incredible income in the process.

So if you are interested in writing for a living or to supplement your current income, you will loveCash 4 Writing.

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This two thing is similar, DISTURB US! I get spam everyday. Sometime some one from Iran give me surprised because won lottery, Other mail told me that he/she has problem with their much money. It's so weird, isn't it? I don't think someone will do what they want to do. But, the spammer are good fighter. They never surrender to send email for every email address they can get.

Scam has another niche. They give us business and tell that we can get much money without do nothing, but actually we have to give them profit with trick other people to do what we do. They give us very well business, but they never paid us. We know that after everything late.

In Indonesia I have read so many "ebook sampah"(waste e-book). They tell that we can get much money if buy their product. But after we buy we know that the way is sell that book to other people (read : trick more people and get profit from them)

It's usual in internet. So be careful!

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I don't know why, This time I feel so many bad feeling. It may caused by my new job from me, Translating tutorial to Indonesian language. My English not so good, I just do what I can do in this case.

I try to translate making blogger template tutorial from actually, it's very bored job, because I need typing while I don't like it. But, this is will be useful tutorial for me. Because I want to make my own template. I want to see my unique template for my blogger blog.

The next job is making new blog which contains description of all useful site which have been visited by me. So many job!!!

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Some time reader know our blog because find our old post. offering reader to read our new post need recent post widget. Sometime reader comment our old post too, to know that we can use recent comment to search (actually we can know that with set blog to send email when new comment take. To show recent comment and recent post we can use feed widget. this is the most simple way. we only click add page element and type our post feed or comment feed url then finish.

This is the way :

#1. Log in to your blogger account

#2. Go to layout

#3. Click add page element, choose feed.

#4. Type this url : (for recent post) (for recent comment)

#5. Set your setting

#6. Finish

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This site has more than 160 free xml blogger template. Not only that, we can learn how to make template too. This blog give us free tutorial about blogger template design. It's tutorial is simple and easy to understand. I have read few part of its tutorial. I can say It's good tutorial. If you want to build your template from its begin you should visit this website. You can check that here

The site offer us this :

This tutorial is a very quick guide to teach you how to change or design your own Blogger templates. It's easy to understand and follow, especially to those who has no knowledge in HTML programming.

The tutorial is split into a number of sub-tutorial modules that explain specific parts of Blogger template design in detail. The best way to learn is by going through the module sequence one by one. But if you are familiar with the basics, you can jump into the more advanced modules. The earlier modules are focused on explaining the basic structure of the template design and the template code so that you understand more about a Blogger template in general. The later modules explain each section of a Blogger template in more detail and help you go through the process of coding and designing a template in a step-by-step approach.

In the tutorial, some of the names and terms are based on my own template design, but I'll explain them as general as possible so you get the bigger picture and can adapt to different template designs.

Tutorial Contents

* Tutorial 1: The Structure of a Blogger Template
* Tutorial 2: The Structure of a Blogger Template Code
* Tutorial 3: The Structure of CSS Styling Section
* Tutorial 4: Setting the Properties of a Container
* Tutorial 5: Common Containers and Elements in a Blogger Template
* Tutorial 6: Using the Generic Blogger Template
* Tutorial 7: Setting the Template Size
* Tutorial 8: The Body Section of the Blogger Template Code
* Tutorial 9: More Explanation about the Body Code
* Tutorial 10: Making a 3-Column Template and More ...
* Tutorial 11: Starting Your Own Blogger Template
* Tutorial 12: How To Embed Images as Background

They tell us the information and how to use its template. If you need fresh, free, and beautiful template, this site will give what you need.

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Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly.
We usually need paypal for online transaction. In Paid to review Program, Paid to Click, Pay per Click, Affiliation, and others. Some broker send our commission to paypal. You can register for free here

what is paypal :

paypal is the safer, easier way to pay and get paid online. The service allows anyone to pay in any way they prefer, including through credit cards, bank accounts, buyer credit or account balances, without sharing financial information.

paypal has quickly become a global leader in online payment solutions with more than 153 million accounts worldwide. Available in 190 markets and 18 currencies around the world, paypal enables global ecommerce by making payments possible across different locations, currencies, and languages.

paypal has received more than 20 awards for excellence from the internet industry and the business community -most recently the 2006 Webby Award for Best Financial Services Site and the 2006 Webby People's Voice Award for Best Financial Services Site.

Located in San Jose, California, paypal was founded in 1998 and was acquired by eBay in 2002.

There is so many profit we can get from paypal.

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I don't know that few days ago, 10 June 2009 is a friendship day. My friend gave me a surprised. She called and invited me to meet her. I love to meet her because she want to give me free dinner. hehehehe...

She was waiting me in our favorite book store. I arrived there after 30 minutes. When I arrived, she was getting angry because of my late. I didn't hear her protest because I know she can't getting angry more than 10 minutes. As my thought, she back to normal and gave me unique handicraft, a bracelet. I will call it friendship bracelet

I don't know where she found this bracelet. This is has simple design and I think the maker made it by hand only. I see my junior high school hair style in this design (I know she has the same opinion).

I will tell you short story about her. One of my friend call her MISS QUEEN OF DRAMA. You will agree with my other friend opinion if know her. She can tell fortunes, especially palmistry skill. I usually ask my fortune to her. It's the caused why some of my friend call her mama Pao (pardon me friend!). But out of that opinion, she is one of my best friend. Happy friendship day!

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This Wednesday, 10 June 2009, my first payment from Blogsvertise was sent to my paypal account. Not much, only $7,5, hehehe. But this is my first payment from Paid to Review Program. This payment make me more exited to this program. I'm newbie in this program but I feel confidence that I can earn more money next time (too narciss?). I think I will use this payment to verify my paypal account.

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Click Here to Advertise On My BlogThis is one of Paid to review broker. Many blogger got income from this site. I have joined and registered three blog but until now just got review for my blog Kamus Pengetahuan. It may caused by my visitors and pagerank. Do you know, to get frequently job from blogsvertise you need blog with pagerank 3 or 4 (I got this info from other blog but I forgot the url). It depends your blog category too. If your blog is about technology and gadget you may get more job, but many blogger use category general, so they can got all kind of job.

I got useful tips to get money from blogsvertise from This is the tips :

1. Submit your blog under category general. Blogs under category general get more job from e-mail or Grab bag task (GBT). If you want to change category, you can contact Blogvertise admin.

2. To get GBT, you should open your blogsvertise account in certain time. Some blogger suggest open it around 12 o'clock WIB or 5 o'clock UTC and night in Indonesia, may be afternoon in other country.

3. When we get job (email or GBT), you should accept and do that job quickly or decline if you can't do it (I refer u try content writer than decline job)

4. Don't let your job expired or you respon it lately. You prefer decline it to let it expired. If you let it Blogsvertise will never give you job forever. And don't too often decline job, Blogsvertise may list you in blacklist publisher.

5. If our job rejected or need to regenerated, you should do as soon as you possible. The mostly failure is not appropriate(It often caused by link "nofollow").

6. If we got some job from same advertiser. You prefer decline that job. Blogsvertise disallow us doing job from same advertiser in certain period (3-6 month). Or you can contact administrator for more clear information.

7. To avoid SUSPENDED or BANNED, you prefer make only one account in Blogsvertise (high recommended). But if you make more than one account, don't open 2 or more account in one PC or Internet connection. If you do it your account will GAME OVER.

8. People say that submit too much blog caused our account suspended. Don't submit more than one blog in one account.

9. If you has more advise, comment this post Ok!

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I like searching for template, especially searching for Free Blogger Templates. Simple template usually make me exited, because this template make readers comfortable. I always choose template which has organized widget, white color, and not long term loading. A few days ago, I have reviewed about Indonesian blogger template and Simply Fabulous Blogger Template, but now I want to review about one of Blogger template. You can download this template in

Isnaini, the maker, called this template "Nyoba". Such a simple and unique name. In Indonesia it mean trying. He may just trying, but I like this template. It has good structure, three column and widgets don't disturb content. The color is calm, make readers enjoy reading our blog. We can put our blog logo in header but I don't know the perfect picture size for this template. It's the cause why I don't use that template for my blog. I have asked the maker and wait for his answer. I hope I'm not waiting for long time.

Actually, you can found more template in All of template here has good structure, unique design, and free. If you are internet marketing, you will find your soulmate template here. And, if you need SEO friendly template you can try Nyoba780 and bloggerized adsense. Those template are six SEO friendly blogger template version I don't know about Seo Friendly Template, so you can check the truth by yourself.

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This is one of beach in Bali. Even I live in Bali, yesterday is my first time visit to this beach. It caused by free lunch to celebrate my friend's birthday.

Actually, this beach is very beautiful. It has white sands and clean blue water. The breezy wind can make us relax and forget tired for a while. This beach is similar with Kuta beach but it steeper than Kuta. I would like to spend much time in this place if there is not too much cafe and the weather not as hot as that time.

I don't know why everyplace in Bali is used to get profit. So many cafe, hotel, and all facility for tourist. In the future Bali will not like Bali again, everybody change it to be tourist world. I found the same in this beach although not too significant. There is many cafe in Jimbaran beach. It makes me uncomfortable to enjoy the scenery. I want to see silent beach, not like this.

But, if you want to find romantic beach for your dinner, I will offer you this beach. You will like the food and the romantic glow. There is many romantic cafe too. You and your soul mate will like it.

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If you are publisher paid to review program, or you need update your blog with unique content, you can try to use content writer services. I have visited one of content writer services website. This website can give you unique content and qualified content for paid to review program. They also provide a full 100% guarantee if their article is rejected by the advertiser or broker paid review. The prize of one article is cheap, $1 only or IDR 10.000. So, if you get $10 job, you will get $9 profit.

It's very important to have blog in English (if you want to monetize your blog). We can do more with English blog than Indonesian blog. Google adsense and Paid to review is the example. Even there is Indonesian adsense and Indonesian Paid to Review now, but the International one can give us more earning.

But the problem is, many blogger face problem with their English. They may has good rank blog but can't write in English well. We can copy and paste from other site, but it isn't good for Paid to review. Other blogger use Google translate to help them, but sometime there is unsatisfied article if we translate Indonesian to English. Now blogger can ask for writer content help to do this. Especially for Paid to review articles, blogger can send link text or link articles which was given by advertiser and then only wait until this article finish. For content, blogger can tell the category for writer and they will give you unique content for your blog. So simple. use simple way in transaction. You can order article by email then pay it by paypal or transfer to Mandiri Bank or BCA. They will do your job as soon as possible after you send payment to them. If you confused about paypal, you should visit I got many information about paypal here.

Not only get help, you can be writer of this site. You can send your biography and your English article (200 words) to May be this work can be your side job to get more earning online.

But I have suggestions to this site. They are still using Indonesian language. If they use English, They may can get more customer from other country, not Indonesian only. More over they has paypal for transaction, I think get customer from other country is possible, although other country doesn't has problem with their English.

Exited? you can go to the site or contact for more information.

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Do you look for blogger contest? Now days, there is so many blogger contest in Indonesia. There is two kind of contest, first, SEO contest and second Non SEO contest. I will give you list of the contest I ever read.

This is list of SEO Contest :

1. Wisata SEO Sadau Contest
- Keyword : "Wisata SEO Sadau"
- Search Engine :
- Deadline : 17 August 2009
- Prize :
First Winner : Rp 500.000,00-
Second Winner : Rp 300.000,00-
Third Winner : Rp 100.000,00-
Harapan Pertama : Rp 50.000,00-
Harapan Kedua : Rp 50.000,00-
- More Info : 2009/03/kontes-wisata-seo-sadau.html

2. SEO Tukang Nggame Contest
- Keyword : "Tukang Nggame"
- Search Engine :
- Deadline : 1 July 2009
- Prize :
First Winner : Rp. 1,500,000
Second Winner : Rp. 1,000,000
Third Winner : Rp. 500,000
- More Info :

3. Aristia Wida Rukmi Seo Contest
- Keyword : "Kontes SEO aristia wida Rukmi"
- Search Engine :
- Deadline : 17 August 2009
- Prize :
Five winner will get or money Rp. 100,000
- More Info :

4. SEO Contest for Beginner
- Keyword : "Belajar SEO Para Pemula"
- Search Engine :
- Deadline : 17 August 2009
- Prize :
First Winner : Rp 150.000,-
Second Winner : Rp 130.000,-
Third Winner : Rp 100.000,-
Fourth Winner : Rp 70.000,-
Fifth Winner : Rp 50.000,-
- More Info :

Beside SEO contest, there is non SEO Contest. This is the list :

1. Review Competition

- Deadline : this competition held in June
- Prize :
First Winner : Rp 1.500.000,-
Second Winner : Rp 1.000.000,-
Third Winner : Rp 500.000,-
Fourth Winner : Rp 400.000,-
Fifth Winner : Rp 300.000,-
Sixth Winner : Rp 200.000,-
Seventh Winner : Rp 100.000,-
Eighth Winner : Rp 50.000,-
- Site

U can write article about hacking.

2. review contest

- Deadline : 31 August 2009
- Prize :
First Winner : Rp 300.000,-
Second Winner : Rp 200.000,-
Third Winner : Rp 100.000,-
- Site : and

3. Review contest

- Deadline : 31 July 2009
- Prize :
First Winner : Rp 1,000.000,-
Second Winner : Rp 500.000,-
Third Winner : Rp 500.000,-
- site :

You just review about You can review about the template, tutorial, or what do you want.

4. Blog Contest

- Deadline : 31 July 2009
- Prize :
* 1 Unit Notebook Acer Aspire
* 1 Unit Netbook Advan A1N70T
* 1 Unit Camera Digital Shitel DB702C
* 5 Unit Modem HSDPA Prolink PHS100
* 10 Unit USB Flash Disk Kingston DT-G2 Kapasitas 8GB
* 100 Unit USB Flash Disk Kingston DT-G2 Kapasitas 4GB
- Site :

Review about product and refer someone to join this contest. You may be the winner with good article.

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Do you search for simple and nice template? You can find it in Lena Toews give you very nice design. I love hers design very much. Moreover, We don't need to pay to get hers template. We only click freebies, then we can get free blogger template for your blogspot blog.

You will like hers natural design and the color. So don't use your standard template again. You can get your nice and simple template for free.

You can find template for this category.

* Summer 09
* Detailed Designs
* Spring 2009
* Valentines Day Templates
* Christmas & winter Templates
* Fall Templates
* Summer Templates
* New Beginnings & Spring
* 3 Column Favorites
* Scrapbook Layouts
* More Scrapbook Layouts
* Even More Scrapbook Layouts
* Bold & Beautiful
* Simple & Modern
* Simplistic Designs
* Masculine Templates
* Delectable Templates
* Bohemia Grunge & Retro
* 1950's Vintage
* In heels
* Real Life

You can visit the site to search for your favorite template.


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I have tried to change my blog to SEO friendly title blog(blog which has SEO friendly title), but poor me I got failure. I didn't success when copy code and insert that code to my html. But now my blog can be SEO Friendly title blog, I got the right code in Panca Blog

We can change our blog title to SEO friendly blog title by avoid duplicate title in our blog. Example :
# Your home --> Not Important Diary
## Your page --> Not Important Diary : SEO Friendly title
(italic font is duplicate value)

To Avoid it we can change our html code. We can replace this code :
(this code usually under code <head>)

replace that code to this code :
<b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == &quot;index&quot;'>

After do that you can found no duplicate title in your blog

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Someone in Indonesia now can imitate facebook. You can look at It's very similar. This website use blue color theme like Facebook. I have never thought that Indonesian people can imitate facebook so closely. Moreover this Indonesian Facebook adopt css like css style in friendster. You can change your profile style.

This picture is front view of

It's very similar but use Indonesian Map in that front view

If you want to join, add me ok! my email :

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Earn money from your website/blog by, selling text links, banner ads - Advertisers can, buy links, from your blog for SEO. Get paid through PayPalMany blogger got income from sell link. Why blogger like this way to earn money? Because this is really passive income. You only put link in your website, then some dollar will sent to your paypal account. for more information, you can sign up here

How much we can earn per month?

PageRank (PR) 0 : $1
PageRank (PR) 1 : $2
PageRank (PR) 2 : $4
PageRank (PR) 3 : $5
PageRank (PR) 4 : $10
PageRank (PR) 5 : $15
PageRank (PR) 6 : $30
PageRank (PR) 7 : $80
PageRank (PR) 8 : $160

You only put link to your website and then some money sent to your paypal account. It's very easy.

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I use read more to hide part of my posting. Too long post look like bored posting. Readers don't like it. We can offer more of our post to readers too, readers don't have to scroll so long. Beside that, without using read more, our blog is being indicated has duplicate post. It isn't good for you page rank

How to insert read more to your blog?

#1. Log in to your blogger account
#2. Go to Layout--> edit html
#3. Check Expand Template widget
#4. Copy this code above code </head>

#5. Copy this code under code <p><data:post.body/></p>

#6. Save your template
#7. When you post something use edit html Insert this code in your post :

(this part will show in your home)
<span class="fullpost">
(your hide post here)

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My friends asked me "Siapa pacarmu sekarang?" in Indonesia it's mean "Who is your boyfriend now?". Their question broke my heart. They should ask "Still in relationship with Mr A?", it will make me better. But with their words I seem like a girl whose boyfriend always change in short period. I don't like!! Even I used to be before.

When I was senior high school student, I couldn't find a special person (boy). I can't remind how long I spend my time for each person, because my time for him was very short. My relationship could survive for 3 months only. So... embarrassed.

But now is different. I won my prince heart. He always in my side and I like his personality. He is very kind and calm person, I love him so much. We celebrate our relationship anniversary at April, 6 2009. He gave me a brooch, a nice brooch with rainbow color. I can trust that he is my last boyfriend.

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What do you thing about friend? Have you ever mind what are they for?

One of my friend told me that she found the mean of friend. She said that friend is someone who always be your side when you happy as well as sad. She think that friend must be honest and royal for friendship. I don't think that what she said is wrong, but i feel nobody can describe what is the true mean of friend, everybody has a different mean.

Someone may think that friend is someone who always in their side, but for me, friends can't always in our side. They may has so much problem so can't help us when we got trouble. We shouldn't blame them if they can't do what we want they do. Any other told me that friend is someone who royal for friendship. But I think, someone who too royal for friendship, they will do all of friend want they do. If our friend want us do positive thing it will be positive, but if they want us to do negative we will drive ourselves to negative too, won't it?

For me, friend is someone who care to me. Yes, just it, nothing else. If they care to me, I can say that they are my friend. They may not help me when I need help, but I sure that they has good reason why they do it. They don't have to be a similar person like me too. I trust that everybody is different and I like someone whose unique personality.

So, what do you think about friends?

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Free online course from UNESCO in the People Uniersity

On behalf of the United Nations, on 27 May 2009 UNESCO launched a website, as the launch site for free online university.
Site his / ci / en.

This free online university have been used as the first in the world. To support the sustainability of this program, the UN Global Alliance for Information and Technology Communication and Development (GAID) has given its commitment to further education. The program is designed lecture for free, from the cost to access the course materials to its study.

For the first epidemic, opened the two-way, namely Business Administration and Computer Science. Founder is reshef Shai, who said that his background was established this university is that there are currently hundreds of millions of people in the world that is not possible to study in universities, both because of the limitations of cost, infrastructure and time. According reshef, for people like this is the university was built. Can learn from home using the free open source technology, materials that can be accessed free of charge, education and peer to peer or teaching-based online distance learning.

Registration is open since two weeks ago, and there are 200 students from 52 countries who have signed up. Students will be included in the class which contains 20 student. There are many professors are willing to become volunteer.
Information and registration system will be learning in the viscous

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