Have you ever felt like the worst person in the world.? Sometime you think that you have so many problems that you can't solve. If yes, don't believe your mind.! Why? because there is no problem that can't solve. You may can't solve that problem by your self, but there is always any help to someone who deserve it. *You may think that I watch Harry Potter too much (actually I have heard this sentence from Dombledore and it's true).

Sometime we forget that all problem is for our self improvement. Almost of us think that problem is something which inhibit the success. But if you change your to positive thinking, it will different. The problem is very troublesome, of course! But this thing can make you stronger and better. Remember your childhood, what thing you can do?? and remember your self now, how is your hair now? how many thing you can do now?, compare it! If you have experienced many problem you must be very different. Someone who have experienced many problem is different to someone who never faced problem. Someone who have experienced very hard problem, he/she will be very strong.

That's all, so, don't be desperate!!!

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