Yesterday approved my site. So I can publish ads from in my Indonesian blog. I sure that they will approve me because my blog has great visitors

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pay per click is good online job for blogger. What is pay per click?? This is business that you get income when visitors click ads in your blog. You just put ads in your blog, when someone click it you get income. So simple.

The best pay per click program in the world is google adsense. But this program doesn't support Indonesian blog. So I try other pay per click, especially in Indonesian language (becouse i will use my Indonesian blog). The best pay per click program is Why I call it The Best? Because it has good payment for publisher. We can get Rp 300 until 950 per click, not like other Indonesian Pay per click which only give us Rp 300

But it's difficult to be publisher. Your blog have to get more than 10.000 pageview each month. If your blog can't reach the target, will stop ads view in your blog. You shouldn't click your ads by yourself. If you done, you will be banned by admin. Other policies is, you shouldn't use ads from as alternate ads (if your primary ads [for example ads from adbrite] doesn't show, ads from will show). Admin will banned you too for this. will not give us ads until they have reviewed our site and think that our site has good value for getting their ads. They may check that our site don't violate policies and how many page views we can get each month. If the site have not approved yet, there is only text "pasang iklan di sini" show. It's mean no ads there, but if someone want to advertise and click in our blog, their ads will show in our blog.

I have installed its script since yesterday. Now I still waiting for their approval. I hope they will approve me. Pray for me please...

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Business insurance is weird in my hear. I have heard about insurance business but I never mind there are Business insurance. Businessman may need insurance for their activity. I have heard that there are many pressure in business. Not only face partner, you will face rival too. They may use business insurance to lower their loss in business.

Many businessmen become nothing when their business go bankrupt. It's real nightmare.MMM.... Sorry, I still don't know about business insurance. Do you have good mean??? You can tell me about that two words. Small description may make me understand. Business Insurance may help businessmen when they bankrupt, Or It may increase asset of company?? It's in my mind. You can share your mind about Business insurance

Business insurance is good keyword in online business. I hope there is business insurance online, because there is so many scam in internet. With insurance we will safe and comfortable to built business, won't we??? I hope I have no wrong opinion about business insurance.

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I like to learn many thing in internet. I like study about writing, blogging, template, business, Tips and Trick SEO, and others. In Internet we can find many free tutorials, We don't have to pay for those tutorials. Free thing always be my top list. So, I write that in my new blog, Free Tutorial. I want to give information to other about many site Which good for me. It can be useful for other people.

Do you Have a website, especially freebies website or blog? I will review about your site if I think that site is useful. hehehe...

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I got Payment from sponsored review. Small payment but can add my paypal fund.

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Do you have the same case??? I have some blog and like to compare it each other. I found that my blog which has lowest pagerank has the much visitors among all my blog. I don't update it frequently, not like this blog which update everyday, but that blog can has more than 100 visitors each day. Why??? You know, I hope this blog (Not Important Diary) has more visitors than my other blog.

This blog is Kamus Pengetahuan. This blog is blog about science. I write Senior High school lesson. May be this is the caused why this blog can reach more than 100 visitors each day, and this day it may can reach more than 200 visitors. I don't know too much about SEO. This case surprised me!!!

Sometime I hope this blog have pagerank (3) like this blog. It can increase my online earning. But until now its pagerank still arrive in number one. I have checked the google back link of this blog and I see it has 26 Google back link. Not Important Diary has 29 google back link, why do that blog can't reach pagerank two?? It may caused by the quality of back link.

I hope after review this blog, Kamus Pengetahuan can has as good pagerank as this blog.

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Facebook is the biggest social networking in the world. You will get very crowded traffic from here if use their tools. You may advertise there, but do you know? Facebook can give you traffic for free and has good tools for brand your site and business. Now I will give information about tools in facebook which I use (exactly free). I use it for increase traffic and expand my community. I don't pay them for tools I used.

#1. Page

Page is profile page which special for promote your product or website. With page, you can explain about your product and market your product for free (except you want to advertise here to get more fans). You can have your private profile and pages. If you have many friends you can invite all of them to be fans of your profile. You also can add fans box to your site. You can tell people how many people be your fans, so they will interest to your business. I think this is cheap marketing.

Many blogger use this way to promote their blog. With good facebook traffic, they can get good crowded traffic to their blog too. But, even this tool is good cheap marketing tool, many people confused how to built one. You may have an account in facebook but there is no button which tell you that click it to built your page. You can go to facebook home and find sentence "Create a Page for a celebrity, band or business" in right down. if you has facebook account before, go to any page you can found and find sentence create page for my business in left down of page.

#2. Group

Built a group about your site or your business. Group may help you to find fans and something people need and related to your business. Leave your site url. Your friends may exited and look at your site. Group is good tool to discuss with your fans. Give them good attention and you will see what you do is good for your business.

#3 Networked Blog

This tool is special for blogger. This is similar like,, and other. The special is you can publish your post straight to your facebook.

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This morning I get email from Blogvertise. I received my second payment. Not much but this can be fact that Blogsvertise pay its members. Don't worry, They may late in payment but no more than a week you will receive your money. I hope they will give me more job soon...

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Blog Ads
Blogvertise is the Paid to Review program which often give me jobs, especially jobs from e-mail. I have gotten my first payment. So, I sure that this program will pay us. This is not scam. It's the cause why if they give me a job I will do it as soon as possible. But I have a disappointment for blogvertise now.

Many blogger said that Blogvertise has bad service in payment. It may true, because my first payment is late too. But, I still sure that this program will pay us. They late only for days, may be 2, 3 or a week. It may caused by processing of payment.

I have done 4 jobs in June, one job in first week and third other in last week. I checked my Blogvertise account and I found that my job in June first week still in process (due). So, What I worry for??? They will pay me.

I think Blogvertise still be good program to earn money online. Don't worry to join

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I got my Second award...

Antra Samudra comment my Blog, Cerpen kita and told me that he gave me awards. I take it in his blog,The Story. Such a nice awards I think. These awards don't free. I have to do homework from him.

First I have to give this Award to my friends. I will give this award for :

And then I will give you Homework too.

#1. Post this awards in your blog and then give link for someone who give you award.
#2. Give this awards to your friends
#3. Comment me here. What do you think about my blog?

The award's code here

Berhubung Bahasa Inggris O'chan ancur, O'chan kasi tau juga dalam bahasa Indonesia.

Dapet award yang kedua...

Award ini dikasi sama Antra Samudra, yang punya blog
The Story. Award yang bagus, sayangnya ga gratis. Dia ngasi PR juga....

Pertama-tama O'chan bakal ngasi award ini ke temen-temen di bawah ini:

Dan O'chan juga mau ngasi kalian PR biar ikutan susah :

#1. Posting award ini di blog dan buat link untuk yang udah ngasi award ini ke kamu (link ke sini)
#2. Kasi ke temen-temen lainnya (biar ikutan susah juga)
#3. Kasi komen di sini ya... Menurut kalian blog ini gimana sih???

Kode Award diambil di sini

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Soal-soal USM STAN, Soal-soal STIS, Soal-soal SNMPTN, Hasil ujian SNMPTN, USM.STAN, peminat STIS 2009/2010, usm stan, tes masuk stan. These keyword is popular now. Many people found my blog Kamus Pengetahuan by search these keyword in search engine. Since three days ago, traffic to increase incredibly by these keyword.

I know that students in Indonesia are still waiting for SNMPTN news, STAN, and STIS news. They want to know who can pass SNMPTN and get their favorite University.

SNMPTN was end, I hope everybody will satisfied even they can't pass it. STIS an STAN are still in progress. all student have to study hard to get them.

Hasil ujian and soal-soal, will popular in a month. after all finished, I think nobody think about it again. But this popularity will comes again next year.

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Plumbing is very important to our home. We have to prepare it properly when built our home. You know? Many people have found that plumbing is a nightmare. Small damage in pipe can be distressing. You may find that damage in kitchen, bathroom, or other. And when you try to repair it, it spends a lot of your money. So, be careful in choosing a plumber. They can help you or they can make your home worse than before

San Antonio plumber often faces that problem. Many people selected wrong plumber and got difficulty because of it. If you face same case, you should to ask for professional plumber. It will save your money and solve your problem quickly. Don’t choose wrong plumber. You know the reason.

To get the best plumber, you can ask your friend or family, they will give you good referrer. Or, you can hear my opinion. I know good plumber to solve your pipe problem. They work professionally. They will make you satisfied. They have years experience in plumbing. They have the best method in solve pipe problem. The first, you can ask Memphis Plumber. Or if you exited in discount, you can visit Houston plumber. They offer us Free Estimate/ Senior Discount in limited time. Do you need other referrer? San Antonio Plumber can help you.

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I like to put shoutmix chat widget in my blog (but not for this blog). I was very surprised when someone tell me how to hack shoutmix chat widget. Why they hack shoutmix chat widget? Because they can write in our widget without visit our blog. Be careful!!!

I will tell you how can they hack it.

First, klik admin in shoutmix chat widget

you will face this page below. After that, delete "=admin" in url box.
klik to see clearly

Now you get the shoutbox chat widget url. You only need go to this url to shout, without visit the blog.

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I got my first award!!! When I looked at my other blog, CERPEN KITA, someone had shouted at my shoutmix widget. He is GE. He said:"...ada award di tempatku, silahkan diambil..." The meaning is "There is award in my blog. You can take it". I never got award before. It may because I rarely give comment in other blog. Sometime I don't think about that, because I prefer writing to commenting. Besides that, I don't have many time to visit other blog. I need to post with English and It can spend all my time. But even it's difficult, I enjoy to do that.

He gave me a homework, just tell about book.

Let's we ask wikipedia about book first

A book is a set or collection of written, printed, illustrated, or blank sheets, made of paper, parchment, or other material, usually fastened together to hinge at one side. A single sheet within a book is called a leaf, and each side of a leaf is called a page. A book produced in electronic format is known as an e-book.

Books may also refer to a literature work, or a main division of such a work. In library and information science, a book is called a monograph, to distinguish it from serial periodicals such as magazines, journals or newspapers. The body of all written works including books is literature.

In novels, a book may be divided into several large sections, also called books (Book 1, Book 2, Book 3, etc).

A lover of books is usually referred to as a bibliophile, a bibliophilist, or a philobiblist, or, more informally, a bookworm.

A store where books are bought and sold is a bookstore or bookshop. Books can also be borrowed from libraries.

For me, book is a important thing to study and to be better than before. Book tell us so many thing, about story, motivation, science, news, history, and other. I like book because book teach me about life and how to live. Book also can entertain us. We can read novel comic, short story, poems, motivetion and other when bored.

I can't far from book, why? because I need it. Reading give me so many thing, I won't left it behind.

I don't know I will give this award to whom. So comment here n take the award. OK!

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It have been long time I didn't post something in this blog. Cerpen kita is my Indonesian blog. I write my short story here. It is Not Important Diary in Indonesian version. You know, this is my first blog before I write other.

I have changed this blog in new version. I change the template and try to post frequently here. One thing I don't understand. Google give this blog pagerank (2) while I never updated it since 3 months ago. But I don't care. This blog not for business.

Not like this blog, I don't put any advertise there. That blog pure blog, pure for write only. It is for my hobby. I like to write story and novel or other nonfiction.

In that blog I give my reader pdf facility. If they don't have much time to read in my blog, they can download my story in pdf format, so they can read it sometime and don't need internet connection again. I put translator in my blog too. So, if you are not Indonesian, you can translate it. I use google translator.

I hope in the future can be good blog.

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Do you think about your exhibit booths or trade show displays? Many people think about the background, floor, and the best is audience. You won't to make your audience dissatisfied, will you?
I think you need Camelback display, Inc. It will help you to exhibit at trade shows. They Offer All Types of truss for lighting, displays trade shows, concerts, special events & more. You can ask for custom truss, so their display will reflect your company. You don't have to use same design with other company.

I have looked at its site. they offer us many trade show displays such as, incorporate pop-ups, panel systems, truss, large mural graphics, hanging signs, table top displays, hybrid exhibit, and others. They also offer us all of the accessories like lighting, banner stands, brochure racks, flooring and more. They has unique and professional design. I sure they will make you, your client, and your company satisfied.

Camelback display, Inc also supplies a lot of different logo floor mats. You may want to use that as corporate, restaurant, retail entry way mats. You will get your company logo at your feet. You can make your client proud for your brand. It is very interesting offer.


I love this program. can give us lots of the ads in our site. besides that, we can earn more money because has good cpc as compared to others another adsense alternative where you can get lots of the ads on your site and also their cpc is good as compared to other ad networks the best thing about this is during feativals they provide you with different offers olese check this site also

This was about the top adsense alternatives you can make more money by using other ad networks like yahoo publisher beta, msn ad publishers,

but problem with this networks are they are expective very high traffic site they reject small publishers if you meet with their criteria then you can check this big ad networks but see that before sending applications to this big networks your site is filled with more than thousands of informational contents

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Insurance give us safety, for driving car, for fly with aeroplane. But, I don't talk about it now. I will give you about this word below :
cheap auto insurance
life insurance quote
cheap car insurance
refinance home
online insurance quotes
home equity loan
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new jersey auto insurance
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car accident attorney
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car chicago insurance
aarp auto insurance
auto direct insurance

What is that?? It's high paying keyword in google adsense. If you want to get more earning from adsense, you can use that words in your website. Many blogger got high earning per click by using these words.

May be you think how can you believe me now. How can we know that those words have good value (high paying). I will tell you.

first, go to this site. Fill the form. you can use your own keyword or website keyword, then klik get keyword idea.
It will show you how many people search for that keyword and how the advertiser competition. after that Klik show estimated avg. cpc to show the word's value.

After that you will be shown the value for each word. For word Insurance, its has very good value. The picture below can show you.

Ok, I think now you know why word Insurance become very popular among blogger, especially for google adsense publisher.

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I face some door and wait which door will open. I don't know how pass those, but time will give me the answer. I have to try open all. Two doors opened and wait for me.
I don't know why,, I look so tired now. I can pass the first test in BMG (badan meteorologi dan geofisika). I hope I can pass other test. It's very long journey...

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Now I will post this in Indonesian language. For you who love poems, you will like this community

Jika pernah membaca samsara, nama Pande Putu Setiawan pastilah tidak asing. Komunitas ini dibentuk olehnya untuk mewadahi setiap apresiasi sastra dari penulis amatiran maupun mapan. Tidak ada istilah senioritas sehingga setiap penulis memiliki hak yang sama.

Komunitas Sastra Air Putih adalah rumah bagi pecinta keindahan, pecinta puisi, siapa saja! Kami tak membeda-bedakan penulis mapan, pemula, baru belajar, atau bahkan penikmat kata. Kami hanya ingin berbagi rasa, berbagi kata. Kami air putih.Bukan kopi, bukan teh. Seperti 'senyuman Sang Budha' kami tawar saja! "Aku adalah kamu, kamu adalah aku. Kita sama dalam CINTA TERTINGGI!" -William Blake

Air Putih terbuka bagi siapa saja. untuk mengirimkan karya, silahkan email:

untuk yang punya facebook silahkan klik di sini untuk tahu lebih lanjut. website :

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I don't know where that man came from and why he face me. But, when he said that he like my poems, I felt very happy. I told him that I wanted to publish my book someday. I have some novel, short story and poems. I hope someday everybody read it.

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