Do you have the same case??? I have some blog and like to compare it each other. I found that my blog which has lowest pagerank has the much visitors among all my blog. I don't update it frequently, not like this blog which update everyday, but that blog can has more than 100 visitors each day. Why??? You know, I hope this blog (Not Important Diary) has more visitors than my other blog.

This blog is Kamus Pengetahuan. This blog is blog about science. I write Senior High school lesson. May be this is the caused why this blog can reach more than 100 visitors each day, and this day it may can reach more than 200 visitors. I don't know too much about SEO. This case surprised me!!!

Sometime I hope this blog have pagerank (3) like this blog. It can increase my online earning. But until now its pagerank still arrive in number one. I have checked the google back link of this blog and I see it has 26 Google back link. Not Important Diary has 29 google back link, why do that blog can't reach pagerank two?? It may caused by the quality of back link.

I hope after review this blog, Kamus Pengetahuan can has as good pagerank as this blog.

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    # by jemmy - August 30, 2009 at 7:34 PM

    That's not true. Many people argue about how PR don't connect with traffic. The truth is, PageRank can boost your traffic, of course if you know how :D