It have been long time I didn't post something in this blog. Cerpen kita is my Indonesian blog. I write my short story here. It is Not Important Diary in Indonesian version. You know, this is my first blog before I write other.

I have changed this blog in new version. I change the template and try to post frequently here. One thing I don't understand. Google give this blog pagerank (2) while I never updated it since 3 months ago. But I don't care. This blog not for business.

Not like this blog, I don't put any advertise there. That blog pure blog, pure for write only. It is for my hobby. I like to write story and novel or other nonfiction.

In that blog I give my reader pdf facility. If they don't have much time to read in my blog, they can download my story in pdf format, so they can read it sometime and don't need internet connection again. I put translator in my blog too. So, if you are not Indonesian, you can translate it. I use google translator.

I hope in the future can be good blog.

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