pay per click is good online job for blogger. What is pay per click?? This is business that you get income when visitors click ads in your blog. You just put ads in your blog, when someone click it you get income. So simple.

The best pay per click program in the world is google adsense. But this program doesn't support Indonesian blog. So I try other pay per click, especially in Indonesian language (becouse i will use my Indonesian blog). The best pay per click program is Why I call it The Best? Because it has good payment for publisher. We can get Rp 300 until 950 per click, not like other Indonesian Pay per click which only give us Rp 300

But it's difficult to be publisher. Your blog have to get more than 10.000 pageview each month. If your blog can't reach the target, will stop ads view in your blog. You shouldn't click your ads by yourself. If you done, you will be banned by admin. Other policies is, you shouldn't use ads from as alternate ads (if your primary ads [for example ads from adbrite] doesn't show, ads from will show). Admin will banned you too for this. will not give us ads until they have reviewed our site and think that our site has good value for getting their ads. They may check that our site don't violate policies and how many page views we can get each month. If the site have not approved yet, there is only text "pasang iklan di sini" show. It's mean no ads there, but if someone want to advertise and click in our blog, their ads will show in our blog.

I have installed its script since yesterday. Now I still waiting for their approval. I hope they will approve me. Pray for me please...

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