Facebook is the biggest social networking in the world. You will get very crowded traffic from here if use their tools. You may advertise there, but do you know? Facebook can give you traffic for free and has good tools for brand your site and business. Now I will give information about tools in facebook which I use (exactly free). I use it for increase traffic and expand my community. I don't pay them for tools I used.

#1. Page

Page is profile page which special for promote your product or website. With page, you can explain about your product and market your product for free (except you want to advertise here to get more fans). You can have your private profile and pages. If you have many friends you can invite all of them to be fans of your profile. You also can add fans box to your site. You can tell people how many people be your fans, so they will interest to your business. I think this is cheap marketing.

Many blogger use this way to promote their blog. With good facebook traffic, they can get good crowded traffic to their blog too. But, even this tool is good cheap marketing tool, many people confused how to built one. You may have an account in facebook but there is no button which tell you that click it to built your page. You can go to facebook home and find sentence "Create a Page for a celebrity, band or business" in right down. if you has facebook account before, go to any page you can found and find sentence create page for my business in left down of page.

#2. Group

Built a group about your site or your business. Group may help you to find fans and something people need and related to your business. Leave your site url. Your friends may exited and look at your site. Group is good tool to discuss with your fans. Give them good attention and you will see what you do is good for your business.

#3 Networked Blog

This tool is special for blogger. This is similar like,, and other. The special is you can publish your post straight to your facebook.

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