This two thing is similar, DISTURB US! I get spam everyday. Sometime some one from Iran give me surprised because won lottery, Other mail told me that he/she has problem with their much money. It's so weird, isn't it? I don't think someone will do what they want to do. But, the spammer are good fighter. They never surrender to send email for every email address they can get.

Scam has another niche. They give us business and tell that we can get much money without do nothing, but actually we have to give them profit with trick other people to do what we do. They give us very well business, but they never paid us. We know that after everything late.

In Indonesia I have read so many "ebook sampah"(waste e-book). They tell that we can get much money if buy their product. But after we buy we know that the way is sell that book to other people (read : trick more people and get profit from them)

It's usual in internet. So be careful!

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