Click Here to Advertise On My BlogThis is one of Paid to review broker. Many blogger got income from this site. I have joined and registered three blog but until now just got review for my blog Kamus Pengetahuan. It may caused by my visitors and pagerank. Do you know, to get frequently job from blogsvertise you need blog with pagerank 3 or 4 (I got this info from other blog but I forgot the url). It depends your blog category too. If your blog is about technology and gadget you may get more job, but many blogger use category general, so they can got all kind of job.

I got useful tips to get money from blogsvertise from This is the tips :

1. Submit your blog under category general. Blogs under category general get more job from e-mail or Grab bag task (GBT). If you want to change category, you can contact Blogvertise admin.

2. To get GBT, you should open your blogsvertise account in certain time. Some blogger suggest open it around 12 o'clock WIB or 5 o'clock UTC and night in Indonesia, may be afternoon in other country.

3. When we get job (email or GBT), you should accept and do that job quickly or decline if you can't do it (I refer u try content writer than decline job)

4. Don't let your job expired or you respon it lately. You prefer decline it to let it expired. If you let it Blogsvertise will never give you job forever. And don't too often decline job, Blogsvertise may list you in blacklist publisher.

5. If our job rejected or need to regenerated, you should do as soon as you possible. The mostly failure is not appropriate(It often caused by link "nofollow").

6. If we got some job from same advertiser. You prefer decline that job. Blogsvertise disallow us doing job from same advertiser in certain period (3-6 month). Or you can contact administrator for more clear information.

7. To avoid SUSPENDED or BANNED, you prefer make only one account in Blogsvertise (high recommended). But if you make more than one account, don't open 2 or more account in one PC or Internet connection. If you do it your account will GAME OVER.

8. People say that submit too much blog caused our account suspended. Don't submit more than one blog in one account.

9. If you has more advise, comment this post Ok!

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    # by Tazkiyatunnafs - June 14, 2009 at 7:14 PM

    OMG, i just hear it from you today

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    # by Dudayz - October 12, 2009 at 6:35 AM

    Yeaaa.. from now i got this information.. thanks for your tips dude its very useful !

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    # by My Own Way's - January 10, 2011 at 7:19 PM

    Thanks for tips
    I will try this, coz my account in blogvertise doesn't have any job