Free online course from UNESCO in the People Uniersity

On behalf of the United Nations, on 27 May 2009 UNESCO launched a website, as the launch site for free online university.
Site his / ci / en.

This free online university have been used as the first in the world. To support the sustainability of this program, the UN Global Alliance for Information and Technology Communication and Development (GAID) has given its commitment to further education. The program is designed lecture for free, from the cost to access the course materials to its study.

For the first epidemic, opened the two-way, namely Business Administration and Computer Science. Founder is reshef Shai, who said that his background was established this university is that there are currently hundreds of millions of people in the world that is not possible to study in universities, both because of the limitations of cost, infrastructure and time. According reshef, for people like this is the university was built. Can learn from home using the free open source technology, materials that can be accessed free of charge, education and peer to peer or teaching-based online distance learning.

Registration is open since two weeks ago, and there are 200 students from 52 countries who have signed up. Students will be included in the class which contains 20 student. There are many professors are willing to become volunteer.
Information and registration system will be learning in the viscous

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