I don't know that few days ago, 10 June 2009 is a friendship day. My friend gave me a surprised. She called and invited me to meet her. I love to meet her because she want to give me free dinner. hehehehe...

She was waiting me in our favorite book store. I arrived there after 30 minutes. When I arrived, she was getting angry because of my late. I didn't hear her protest because I know she can't getting angry more than 10 minutes. As my thought, she back to normal and gave me unique handicraft, a bracelet. I will call it friendship bracelet

I don't know where she found this bracelet. This is has simple design and I think the maker made it by hand only. I see my junior high school hair style in this design (I know she has the same opinion).

I will tell you short story about her. One of my friend call her MISS QUEEN OF DRAMA. You will agree with my other friend opinion if know her. She can tell fortunes, especially palmistry skill. I usually ask my fortune to her. It's the caused why some of my friend call her mama Pao (pardon me friend!). But out of that opinion, she is one of my best friend. Happy friendship day!

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