I surprised when look at my pagerank banner (the most bottom widget). Google give me pagerank (3). I never thought that this new site can reach pagerank (3). My other blog, Kamus pengetahuan only reach pagerank (1) since it's launched whereas it has more visitors each day. My site Cerpen Kita, has less than 10 visitors each day and long time was not updated. But, it has google pagerank (2).Such a weird assessment. What the caused???

Google Pagerank still mysterious. Nobody exactly know how google rate the site and give google pagerank to that. There is some possibility, template, links to site, amount of page, frequently update (maybe), and I think of one more reason, "follower". Not only google follower, but also other follower, like follower from blogged, blogcatalog, networked blog, and mybloglog. I saw that popular site in this site directory has good pagerank.

I get other theory to increase pagerank, those things below are some thing you should do to get good pagerank.

* Update Pages Frequently 2/10
* Add Pages Frequently 4/10
* Good Neighborhood Directories with high PageRank Levels 7/10
* Monster Websites 7/10
* Quality Inbound links 8/10
* Quality Relevant Links 9/10
* No Broken Links 5/10
* Article Submissions (this can increase your PageRank by getting more inbound links)
* All these put together 10/10

And avoid those, because don't good for your pagerank.

* Inbound link from Poker, Porno, Sex, Drugs, etc
* Link spamming
* Bad content
* Broken link
* SEO Black Hat Techniques

I hope this information can help.

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