What do you thing about friend? Have you ever mind what are they for?

One of my friend told me that she found the mean of friend. She said that friend is someone who always be your side when you happy as well as sad. She think that friend must be honest and royal for friendship. I don't think that what she said is wrong, but i feel nobody can describe what is the true mean of friend, everybody has a different mean.

Someone may think that friend is someone who always in their side, but for me, friends can't always in our side. They may has so much problem so can't help us when we got trouble. We shouldn't blame them if they can't do what we want they do. Any other told me that friend is someone who royal for friendship. But I think, someone who too royal for friendship, they will do all of friend want they do. If our friend want us do positive thing it will be positive, but if they want us to do negative we will drive ourselves to negative too, won't it?

For me, friend is someone who care to me. Yes, just it, nothing else. If they care to me, I can say that they are my friend. They may not help me when I need help, but I sure that they has good reason why they do it. They don't have to be a similar person like me too. I trust that everybody is different and I like someone whose unique personality.

So, what do you think about friends?

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    # by harry seenthing - June 3, 2009 at 1:01 PM

    oke sudah aku masukan,silahkan dilihat ya teman