What do I need??? I don't know exactly. May be I can say that I need fulfilling my primary needs and secondary needs. And if I can do more, I will fulfill my other needs. But It's not as simple as I say. Because human desire is not limited, including my will too. When was a child, I wanted to grow up quickly, but now when I'm 19 years old, I want go to kindergarden again. Such a suck will. You know, we are trapped in cycle of desire. Without start and without end. I hate to say that this cycle of desire is the source of suffering.

Do you satisfy with your life? I sure just 20% sure that they are satisfy with their life. The others will give several reason why their life drive in unsatisfied. But, even they know that their life is unsatisfy, they don't know what to do to make it satified.

I have thought deeply how to get all I need and satisfy with my life. I study hard but until now I still stupid in what I need. I have fulfilled all my wills but It invite more wills, so my work to fulfill that will never finish.

One sentence make me a little know how to get satisfied in life "No one in this world is perfect except the God". I want to find it...

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