What do you want if you birth again?

In Hindu, we call it reincarnation, punarbawa, and samsara. Punarbawa consist of word "Punar" and "bhawa". Punar mean Dead, lost, or destroyed and Bhawa mean birth again. It's possibility mean after dead and birth again. This is the circulation of life.

I don't like to be the same in different time. It's boring. I love to be different person in the other time. After my teacher told me about Punarbhawa, I has a dream. I will not become girl again, I want to be a boy.

You know? A girl is a very complicated person. In the east country, be girl is very difficult, there is so many thing which repress us. Girl must in feminine appearance, girl must in soft personalize, girl must accept what culture tell to them, a wife must follow his husband, and girl can't get good carrier, just become wife. I can't do it. I'm a free person. I hate cultural prison. And become just wife, My God, please don't ask me to be that. I love my life and I don't like in my husband prison. I want to be free!

Beside that, I don't like fashion like the usual girl do. I can cook, but I don't like to be feminine. Many people said that I'm not the true woman. I don't think it a lot, "yes I'm not a woman" I said back.

I love to learn about physic and programing, I love math, but the usual girl like biology or the other lesson which need reminding skill. Girl like go to fashion center, I like go to game center. I'm not suitable to be a girl. I prefer be boy to girl

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