My work make me bored. I don't like monoton thing like this. Make report everyday can run us to be crazy. I don't have any adventure, I don't have any colors in my life, everyday is report, irregularity, Aeroplane registration, passanger, baggage, fuel, delay, flight number, no one of this thing can make me comfortable. May be my face will revolt to be aircraft.

When I was in high school, i has so many activity and enjoy to be part of organitation. I was a jurnalist in the school. Making magazines, creating attractive article, and being part of school jurnalist make me really life. I get my heaven. But now everything have changed.

My boyfriend give me a advise to study again. He ask me how about study in univercities. I want it, but I have trouble in finance. He lough me, I like a stupid person now.

"Honey, u can search for scholarship. My friends has the same problem like you, but he can finish his study with wonderfull grade. You can. You just should to try." he said. I thought his advise deeply. I will try.

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