I don't know how can I fall in love to him. It's so silly thing but true. We just connect in hand phone, sms, chatting, and friendster. But it's just a memory.

He saw me in Udayana University when I attend physic contest. I didn't see him, but he said that he had seen me and exited. He got my phone number from my friend. He told my friend that his friend exited to me and want my phone number where as his friends is himself.

I love to chat with him. In six months we just chatting in internet or send message to his phone, I didn't has any opportunity to meet him. It's make me sick! i felt that he just play me. I don't like that situation but he never has a will to change it. More over, his friend who in the same school with me usually mock me. he said that I love his friend. I got stress.

One day I did a mistake and he can't pardon me. I told him that I know what he think. I know he love me and I think that his friend mock me because he ask to him doing it. After I said that, he was angry. He call a negative thinking person. What' wrong? I still misunderstanding in what he think.

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