What is ITB? ITB is Institut Teknologi Bandung (in Indonesian) or Bandung Institute of Technology (my translate). ITB is the first technical institution in Indonesia. This University has many great faculty. It's make me exited. I love to be one of it's student (if i can pass SNMPTN).

I want to attend School of Electrical Engineering and Informatics (this is one of ITB's Faculty). If you have read my post about "business idea" you will find why I chose it. This information may be able to tell you what is School of Electrical Engineering & Informatics.

School of Electrical Engineering & Informatics ( SEEI ) ITB was officially established on January 1st 2006, is a merger of two regarded departments in ITB, i.e. Electrical Engineering and Informatics Department. These two departments have a long history in establishing higher education in Indonesia in the field of Electrical Engineering since 1947, and Informatics since 1982.

STEI ITB has been instituting bachelor of engineering program on Electrical Engineering and Informatics (Sarjana Teknik S1), Sarjana in Electrical Engineering and Sarjana in Informatics, each of which is to be conducted within 8 semesters consisting of 144 semester credits. Moreover, STEI ITB also institutes Master Program (S2) and Doctorate Program (S3).(

My boyfriend said that we can get scholarship in ITB easily. I think his information is true. Many foundation have relationship with this University. They give the scholarship for students in the university which has relationship with them.

I want to school again and to be part of ITB. I have a financial problem and I hope I can solve this problem in that University.

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