I like to edit my foto and give it a pair of wings. I'm so cute, like a little angle. U know, many narciss people like to do what I do. They like using white dress and a pair of wings. Do you know why wings can be popular among narciss people?

Wings make us like a angel. It attract me. I like the innocent face, a white heart, a much kindness, and the natural beauty. I want my appearance as same as this angel. I know it's immpossible, ok! don't tell me!

White wing make us to be more kind. We look pure. Our face immitate God. No bad habbit, No bad caracteristic, we look perfect in courtesy. Some people use white wings in their back to tell "I'm kind, like a angel from heaven". If we use black wings, it's look like a dark side of us. Many people like this wings too. Those wings give us a reality. Many people can accept their badness, so that they proud to wear a black wing on their back

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