TLA (Text Link Ads) is one of making money online program. This is real passive income. Like other sell link program, they pay us for a link in our blog. This is a popular program in text link ads program.

Text Link Ads are unique because they are static html links that can drive targeted traffic and help your link popularity which is a top factor in organic search engine rankings. Many search engine can detect other sell link program, like google, yahoo, and other. They can banned you if they know you sell link ads in your blog. But Text link ads using html link, so, their link like a natural link (as same as your friends link).

nowadays, text link ads is more popular than review. Why? first, because advertiser can control their link and the site they want. If the first site they bought banned by google (pagerank decrease), they can cut their ads from that site and choose other site which has better pagerank. This is cannot do if they are in review program. Second, because publishers don't do anything except place ads in their site. They get money when snooring. They don't have to write like advertiser want. only place ads and finish. Like place your friends link.


Text Link Ads can be run along any contextually served product. We do require that TLA be the sole provider of static HTML advertisements, as this will protect the value of the advertisements as well as give you the highest payout.


Payments are sent out on the 1st of every month. Text Link Ads offers four different options. Check, PayPal, Payoneer or TLA Voucher. The minimum payment to be sent out via check is $25. The minimum payment to be sent out via Text-Link-Ads Prepaid MasterCard® is $25. There is no minimum for PayPal payments or TLA voucher payments.


Klik my banner in my widget. They header is income from link. I join 2 link ads program. you can choose anything you want.

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