There is so many place well known in Bali, but my village isn't part of it. My village is a small village in Gianyar but just a little amount people know about it. Have you heard about Suwat? I don't think so. Many people know Ubud, Tampak siring, Kuta, Sanur, or Nusa only, but nothing about Suwat.

I love my village because there is no pollution and still natural. We can face firefly in the night or early morning. When I was a child, I like to keep an eye to this animal until morning. I want to see if it's light die out. And I found it's light die out when the sun rise. It may caused by sun light or automatic natural switch. I don't know

Suwat has handicraft industry. Many people here make candle, frame, and photo album. Their product is unique and made by natural material. They used leaves from certain tree for decorating their handicraft. We can find Balinese wood carving too. It's unique ornament make so many people want to get it.

Even this place not as well known as Ubud and Kuta, many tourist usually ride bicycle here. They may like the fresh air and this natural place. But I'm not sure they remind the name of my village. They like to catch farmer's picture when used his buffalo to fallow field. Sometime they can see duck gang swimming in the rice field too. They are very curious.

My parent live there. I hope they are fine now.

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