I can't imagine how can the author write this book. He write simple sentences but has a great value. His book contains short story with beautiful meaning. His story make us think deeply what is our true life.

I love his story about heaven. Every one want to make heaven be their own. They feel that they are the best person but God feel tired with their pride. They are greedy person and just want all the best for their self only. They think that no one as good as them. But God know the truth. God left heaven and went to a world names Idiot Country.

His book has more interested story. You will find yourself go to new world you never known. You will ask your self what the meaning of your life. Or you will think deeply "Do I as same as this person?". You can find firefly and serene village in your own imagination too. Too much to say, I just can give you advise to read this book soon.

Book title : Samsara
Author : Pande Putu Setiawan
Language : Indonesian
Website :

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