There is a theory about mind power. This theory said that our life follow our will. What we want will happen to us. Nowadays, many people learn how to control their life by mind power. But I think no one exactly know how it work.

This theory also told us that our mind is control the nature, not nature controls our life. If we think that we can do something, our mind will accept this Information and nature will apply it to our life. Therefore we can do that thing. If we think the opposite, the opposite will happen. It’s a silly sentence but I and any people trust it.

We have many ways to do that but just any people exactly know how to do. I don’t exactly know too, but I have tried with my way. I know I’m not professional in this case but I have learned what to do. I try to do that in praying. God is the perfect I know ever, I believe he will fulfill what I want. I ask him what I want and believe it will happen to me. One sentence is my inspiration, “Ask and you will be given”.

You might read this theory in books, like The Secret and The Big think. May be you have do all of the book told to you but no one happen. Your life still drives to unsatisfied life. You are not alone. I used to felt the same. I have blamed all when my life drives worse. I blamed the books, my friends, and God. But now is different. You know, everything is not instant. We have to through process before get success. Now I realize it and try to accept and just work to get my goal. I ask God what I want, and then I work to get it.

Beside that, pray from other people may contribute. So, I want to get good praying from others. I hope nobody want my failure. But we can’t avoid people’s dislike. Someone (I forgot his name) has told me how to do in this case. He told me that we should pray to God and ask a happily to them. It can avoid the bad energy from their mind.

There is one thing I apply but it’s not a tip from professional teacher. This is my way only. I always try to not tell my goal to other people. I just work to get it and shut my mouth. I tell other people if need their helps only. It’s because I’m not comfortable to other person. I don’t like they know what I want and mock it. This is my goal and my life, I don’t like if some one want to change it.

How about you? Do you have any opinion?

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    # by Abdul Cholik - May 21, 2009 at 6:01 AM

    -God some times doesn't give what you want but what you need.
    -We should be patient while we pray never being in a hurry because God doesn't like that.
    -It is a good article.
    -Best regard