Being Student in Indonesia is difficult enough. Financial or finance is the major problem we face. Until now I feel nobody know how to solve this problem. Scholarships, loans, those thing may be the best we ever thought. But there are so money student can't finish their study. Student loan and scholarship only reach little amount of student in Indonesia. But now it may change because government implement free school for elementary school until junior high school.

This book tell us about that problem. This book is being written based on the writer experience in education. You can find a ironic and honest story about ten Belitong Children who have great spirit to study, called Laskar pelangi. Even their finance don't support them, they try to study. You will find a child who drive his bicycle for 80 km to go to his school, more over he usually face crocodile in his journey. You can find how genius they are too.

This is Best Literary book I ever read. This book make me crying, lough, and feel their spirit. I get a motivation to study again. I want to reach my dream like Ikal in this book.

You will regret if think education isn't important thing.

About this book :
Title : Laskar Pelangi
Author : Andrea Hirata
Language : Indonesia

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