Why I write this? Because I don't like thinking something in the past, moreover this thing make me so regretful. I have to think so many thing for my future, it's the cause why I should spare my brain use. Something in the past should to forget for improve my concentration for the more important thing.

I know that our experience in the past can be important lesson, but we can't change it, just for learning. People should to think the future more then the past. We can work for the future only. Is it false?

Failure, Broken heart, and many thing more can make us feel regret. Don't think that can stop us. Because if we think like that, this thing will really trammel us. Try to get it's positive thing. We can find our poorness or learn how to do it better. Don't thing that we will face the same failure again. The bad thing will drag us to negative future.

I like to hear music when I frustrate, stress, or sad. I will hear hard music to express my disappointed. I will get rest from my usual activity for a while. I will turn off my cellular phone and close my room. I try to be alone if I sad.

Of course it my way only. You can do your way to get rid of your stress. I hope you have the way. You can't do another good thing if you can't stop your regret, frustrate, or stress. So, do you get your way?

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    # by PlatinumPrincess - May 29, 2009 at 8:08 AM

    Hm... as I was reading I've kinda remembered parts of my past that I got held up by something that happened earlier...very eye opening...

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    # by Henry Betty - December 9, 2014 at 5:33 AM

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