For blogger, especially who use blogspot, u can find blogger template in In this site we can download many kind of template for your blogger blog. This site contains unique template made by Indonesian blogger. It's make proud.hehehe...

There is classic and new/beta blogger template. You can find 3 column template, 2 column template, simple, until professional template. Some of the templates contain adsense widget. The designer placed adsense widget in good position, so you can increase your earning.

Templates in this site are saved in rar format. So, you have to extract this file first before upload it to your blog.

The template which i love most is
The Girl (blue). It's a nice template and i love its blue color. This template is classic template with 3 column template. I use new blogger, so I can't upload it in usual way. But the way isn't difficult. Just clear all code in edit html and then copy the code from this template.

You can visit this site here

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