I love this site, this site not just offer us to be it's affiliate, they also teach us how become great affiliate. More over, they give us $45 when we start. It's so exited, isn't it? Site which I want to tell you is moreninche

I'm beginner in online business and affiliate business. I still learning and searching what can I do to be success. This site give me what I need. It doesn't tell us to promote their product only, but also tell us how to be excellent in affiliate program. All free. I hate paid something if I can get it freely.

This is what I get in this site.


- MN Newbie Guide - The first steps to success

A simple easy to read guide to help all new affiliates on there way, once you have read this guide - work your way through the rest of these free guides and get promoting.

Use all the resources we give you to make as much money as possible, use the forum, the free design service, or contact our specialists. With all this there is no reason why, with some work on your behalf you cannot succeed.

- How to Get Started - Successfully Launching your First Website

This guide is an absolute must. Whether you are completely new or a seasoned marketer it will have something for you. A step by step introduction to help you establish your strategy, choosing the right type of site, hosting, gaining oodles of traffic and making lots of sales!.

There is a wealth of information here to get you started today or improve what you are already doing. The guide takes you from day 1 as a new MoreNiche affiliate through to when you become on of our top converting webmasters. Lets get rolling!

- Writing effective sales copy - convert your visitors into commissions

This guide will introduce you to the art of writing effective copy that will give you the best chance of converting your visitor into a sale.

Discover how to create attention, interest, invoke emotion and create action in the form of sales. This document will also give you some general tips on what helps a site convert like crazy.

- Duplicate Content - How to avoid penalization by Search Engines

You may have heard "content is king" on the internet. Well the opposite can be said of duplicate content.

This guide will show you how to take full advantage of MN's huge content archive and avoid search engines penalizing your site for duplicate articles. Its easier than you think - so step right in!.

- Rewriting Articles - How to avoid duplicate content

OK, so we've learned the importance of avoiding duplicate content in your website.

The following guide is an excellent resource that describes helpful tips to rewrite content quickly and effectively.

- Formatting articles - How to format your articles for maximum impact

In this step by step guide you will learn how to transform dry, unformatted articles into more attractive and readable text.

You really can improve the effectiveness of your pages through effective formatting in a short amount of time, this guide will give you all the right tips.

- Comparison Charts - How to create effective charts to promote MN products

Comparison charts are an effective way to compare different products and highlight specific qualities of one product over another.

As with any marketing technique, there are many approaches to present the information through design, this guide takes you through quite a few


- Build A Massive Downline - How to win sub-affiliates big time!

Building a large downline is a sure fire way to earn multiple incremental revenue streams from the webmasters you refer to MoreNiche Affil ate program.

Discover how to use signatures, forums and effective posting so you continuously make cash bonuses and extra commission. Refer a super affiliate and you can sit back and make money every month for doing nothing at all!

Too much to describe here. This site also tell us about SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Marketing methods, E-book marketing guide, video tutorials, How to build website and how to build site for free.

You can join here

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